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South Africa born Antoinette Degens has built a strong identity as a top stylist in the Dutch magazine industry over the past 10 years. Graduated cum laude from the Amsterdam International Fashion Institute in Trend Forecasting, to build a prosperous career of nearly 8 years as Senior Fashion Editor of the Dutch ELLE.


She went on to be Fashion Director of Glamcult Independent Style Paper as well as contributor for Glamcult Studio in Amsterdam.

After 14 years away she has returned to Cape Town, whilst still remaining contributing editor for European clients and working as a freelance creative director and stylist. She works closely with NORTH VCA as their visual creative partner whilst developing Studio Degens and HOMEY Magazine with her partner in crime, Daniël Geldenhuys. 


Thoroughly immersed in the South African fashion content industry, Daniël Geldenhuys has worked on a variety of brands, producing and  priming content spanning print and digital. He graduated with the class medal in Print Production at the University of Cape Town and an Honours in Curatorship at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. 


Daniël's work can often be traced back to his love for local fashion week coverage. He's produced and styled numerous collections editorials from South African Menswear Week including an industry-first live format for His written work includes biographies on top local designers for Marie Claire, and highly skilled artisans for Poetry.

Daniël Geldenhuys and Antoinette Degens.
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