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A selection of work from the last decade in collaboration with photographers, creatives, magazines and brands between Europe and South Africa.

EAT DUST + I&I Kimberley Davidson photographed by Alexa Singer.

HOMEY Julia Lily Butchart, Jeremy Pelser, Juliana Coetzer and Collins Blaise Onyejekewe photographed by Francois Visser.

EAT DUST Jeremy Pelser photographed by Alexa Singer. 

ELLE NL Iekeliene Stange in Louis Vuitton photographed by Barrie Hullegie. 

EAT DUST Sophia Farber-Daniel and Jonathan Kohrs photographed by Ian Engelbrecht.

HARPER'S BAZAAR NL Lou Schoof photographed by Jasper Abels.

ELLE NL Flo Dron photographed by Barrie Hullegie.

ALICE Kimberley Davidson photographed by Ulrich Knoblauch. 

2BOP Juliana Coetzer photographed by Alexa Singer.

CARVEN IN GLAMCULT Jacomien Roobol photographed by Jeroen W Mantel.

LUKHANYO MDINGI IN GLAMCULT Reatile Mohlaoli photographed by Barrie Hullegie. 

EAT DUST IN GLAMCULT Keith Hioco and Rob Harmsen photographed by Barrie Hullegie. 

ELLE NL Emily Meuleman photographed by Barrie Hullegie.

ELLE NL Anne-Marie van Dijk in Max Mara photographed by Alique.

GLAMCULT Marijn van Ingen in Acne Studios photographed by Carmen Kemmink. 

ELLE NL Julia Bergshoeff photographed by Barrie Hullegie.

BOSS MAGAZINE Carla Peters photographed by Alexa Singer.

GLAMCULT Gil Gomes Leal in Levi's photographed by Jeroen W Mantel. 

ELLE NL Lucy photographed by Barrie Hullegie. 

GLAMCULT Sophie Vlaming photographed by Duy Vo.

ELLE NL Cato van Ee in Ralph Lauren photographed by Alique.

SAND SERIES II Julia Lily Butchart photographed by Alexa Singer. 

CHANEL BEAUTY IN GLAMCULT Flint photographed by Duy Vo.

GLAMCULT Roel Nabuurs photographed by Barrie Hullegie.

ELLE NL Inge Marie Tekukwitha photographed by Barrie Hullegie. 

ELLE NL Myrthe de Poel photographed by Barrie Hullegie.

ELLE NL Gwen Loos photographed by Barrie Hullegie.

GLAMCULT Marlou van Oss in Acne Studios photographed by Duy Vo.

ELLE NL Querelle Jansen photographed by Jeroen W Mantel.

ELLE NL Maxime van der Heijden photographed by Jeroen W Mantel.

ELLE NL Stef van der Laanin in Givenchy photographed by Duy Vo.

ELLE NL Mila de Wit photographed by Karen Rosetzsky.

ELLE NL Iekeliene Stange photographed by Karen Rosetzsky.

EAT DUST Jonathan Kohrs photographed by Ian Engelbrecht.

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